By | September 30, 2018

SUI DHAAGA_ MADE IN INDIA is a heartwarming story of pride and self reliance. Mauji(Varun dhawan)stays in village in new Delhi with his wife Mamta(Anushka sharma), father (Raghubir yadav) and mother (Yamini Das).

SUI DHAGGA_MADE IN INDIA’s first shot is very impressive and captures a lot simply in one take. After establishing the character and setting, the film wastes no time in getting on point soon. The hospital sequence is lovely but in the first half,what takes the cake is the preinterval sequence. Notice how the makers raise tension levels! In the second half, the film drops a bit. Also the manner in which Mamta and Mauji get shortlisted for the fashion tournament seems a bit convenient. But the finale makes up for it (through it gives a deja vu of the 2008 comic caper MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI) and the film is sure to leave veiwers with a smile.

SUI DHAAGA- MADE IN INDIA belongs to varun dhawan and Anushka sharma. Both actors deliever powerhouse performances. Varum dhawan looks every inch a village simpletion and is sure to be loved. He plays his works with earnesty and that shows. Notice his reaction when Bansals force him to act like a dog and how he beautifully hides his embarrassment. Also in the climax scene especially in the hotel lobby sequence, he’s too good. Anushka sharma gets mentioned before varun in the opening credits and has a very crucial part. One forgets that she is THE Anushka sharma and gives her hundred percent . In a scene where she asks her mother in law if she’s fine and whether she liked the hospital, the actress seems so¬† natural. Raghibir yadav gives a very touching performance. Towards the finale especially, he’s sure to make viewers teary-eyed. Yamini Das plays her part perfectly, especially in the hospital scenes. Pooja sarup (Harleen Bedi) leaves a huge mark. Same goes for Namit Das (Guddu). Bhupesh Singh(Naushad) is damn good. The actors playing Majnu, Majnus wife, palteram and others are also very good.

Anu malik’s music goes very well with the film, although it’s not of chartbuster variety. The title song comes at a very crucial juncture and makes an impact. ‘Chaav Laaga’ is melodious. ‘Khatar patar’and ‘Tu Hi Aham’are situational songs and works.’Sab Badhiya Hai’ is missing from the film. Andrea Guerra’s background score is in sync with the films mood and is also subtle.

On the whole, SUI DHAAGA- MADE IN INDIA is a simple tale told beautifully with strong emphasis on emotions. At the box office ,the film will have to rely on very good word of mouth to attract audiences.

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